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As environmental issues become more important and as the price or supply of other materials become more pressured, Stramit is an example of modern construction ingenuity at its best.  


Stramit production is being developed on a regional licence basis and offers an unrivalled opportunity for investment. The Stramit product has proved its worth in applications in the U.S.A., China, Australia, The Caribbean, and many European countries. Over 20 plants have been established around the world.


Stramit Technology Group can and will provide a complete turnkey production, service and marketing package for anyone wishing to establish a plant and production facility.


Stramit Technology Group is actively seeking new licencees.

A new Stramit factory is operational within one year of signing contract


The Stramit machine is 90 metres long and 7 meters high. A total covered area of 3,000m² is needed to house the machine and associated work areas. There will also be a requirement for open sided barns for straw storage.

Raw Materials

For full three shift production the annual raw material requirement is:

  • Straw 10,000 tons

  • Paper and end seals 390 tons

  • Resin 135 tons

  • Resin additives 75 tons


150 KVA generator - no gas or water required


6 production staff per shift plus further factory labour loading and unloading and glue mixing


Based on three shift working the new Stramit 1008 machine can produce 480,000m² of 58mm board to BS4046

Working life of the machine

Average 20 years

To get the full story on setting up a Stramit plant, please go to contact us and we will respond directly.


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